Founder's Bio

Rayo Bhumgara, President of Sustainable Strategies 2050, has worked in various leadership roles over a 20+ year career with 3 national consulting/engineering firms involved in the real estate, energy, environmental and infrastructure sectors.  Below is a summary of his diverse experience:

Management - Started and managed the environmental consulting practice in New England and grew the business from one public sector client to over 25 public and private sector clients in a few years.  President of a start-up company formed to provide guaranteed fixed price remediation/liability transfer solutions to private and public sector clients. 

Real Estate Acquisition & Development – Originated and managed real estate acquisition/development opportunities focused on transformation of old industrial/commercial properties (brownfields) across the US.  Structured  partnership agreements (bridge acquisition, JV’s etc.) with several investment/development firms. 

Environmental Consulting - Managed over 100 projects related to environmental consulting services including guaranteed fixed price remediation/liability transfer solutions for private and public sector clients across the US. 

Public Sector  - Managed contracts over 10 years with USEPA to oversee environmental restoration work at 24 military installations in 8 northeastern states.

New Business Development - Originated and developed over $50 million in new investment/consulting opportunities in the US and globally.

M & A – Identified  acquisition opportunities with firms in the real estate advisory, green building development, and logistics/supply chain consulting businesses.

Branding/Marketing - Developed the branding/marketing strategy for 2 firms targeted towards growing their business within the real estate sector

Network – Developed a network of contacts across the US and globally including commercial/industrial corporations, real estate investment/development firms, private equity firms, business/real estate consultants and brokers, transactional attorneys, and economic development agencies.